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Mainly Products

plastic hair brush handles

Plastic HairBrush

In varied forms combination for the handles and the paddles

Round Handle HairBrush

Round Handle HairBrush

We are experienced in the field of Industrial Designing to develop new products

Hair Brush Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment Process

Try more get more Possiblilities for your dreams

Wooden Hair Brush

Wooden HairBrush

We focus on craftsman spirit

Packing Customization for Hair Brush

Packing Customization

More kinds of packing options available, designing service available

Hair Brush Luxury Customization

Luxury Customization

We turning all your idea about hair brush into reality

How We Work

We focus on high good quality hair brush manufacturer

Bristles Flocking Machine

Bristles Flocking Machine

HairBrush Bristles Curling Machine

HairBrush Bristles Curling Machine

process flow chart

Production Process Flow Chart

Hair Brush Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturering Videos

Wooden HairBrush Producing

Plastic HairBrush Producing

Wood Hair Brush design to finish

R&D team



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Videos about Ningbo

Summer of Lake Dong Qian

Our company headquarters located in

Ningbo International Conference Center

Art and goods exhibition place

Night of the Lake Dong Qian

Village by the Lake Dong Qian

Winter of Maitreya platform

Ningbo has always enjoyed the reputation of being a Buddhist Country in the East

Night view of Ningbo

Lively and charming, decorated with neon lights, street lamps, vehicles, and high-rise buildings


Most of the goods loading in this port of departure in Ningbo

Loong boat races in Loong boat festival

Chinese ancient traditional festivals to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan, who lived over 200 BC

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